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Anders Aslund. Russia’s Crony Capitalism. The Path from Market Economy to Kleptocracy. 2019. Yale University Press/New Haven&London.

p. 226

Putin has constructed an iron quadrangle of four circles of power.
The first circle is the vertical state power; the second circle
consists of the big state enterprises; the third circle comprises
his cronies; and the fourth circle is the Anglo-American offshore
havens, where he and the cronies can safely keep their money.

p. 228

The two biggest offshore havens are the United States and the United Kingdom. The
United States even allows law firms to circumvent bank regulations on a
massive scale. The US and UK acceptance of secrecy of ownership and
anonymous currency inflows is critical for the sustenance of the Putin

И это не считая полутора триллионов долларов, украденных еще при Ельцине?

Hundreds of billions of dollars of ill-gotten Russian wealth is hidden
in Western offshore havens, primarily in the United States and the United


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